Personalised Silicone Keyrings

Exciting times. Our new website launch!

We are very excited down at Web Products Direct HQ about the launch of our new corporate website.  We have brought together our suite of brands into one place so you can easily see our specialist niche products. Also, we wanted to highlight that we also provide a broad range of other traditional printed promotional products beyond our niche brands.

Who we are

Web Products Direct is a leading UK wholesale supplier of high-quality, personalised, promotional products.

We have been specialists in this field for over 10 years creating bespoke and distinctive promotional products that help our customers build brand awareness and engage their targeted audience.

Our industry-leading niche brands include Silicone Wristbands Direct, Lanyards & Wristbands, Car Air Fresheners Direct, Custom Medals Direct and Optical Print Direct. Specialist expertise for specialist markets!

Personalised Silicone Keyrings Why a new website?

We are far more than our niche brands! We are a one-stop-shop for those wanting wholesale volumes (say in excess of 5,000 units) of personalised promotional products and they want to get all their products in one place.

As well as our expert industry knowledge across multiple sectors, and our skill in customising popular products, we also have the systems and processes (which includes shipping and distribution) to ensure we deliver the right products, at the right price, to the right place, on time!

What products do you offer?

Our niche products include Silicone Wristbands, Fabric Wristbands, personalised Lanyards, custom Car Air Fresheners, Medals for sports events and competitions and specialist products for the Optical Industry (e.g. glasses cases and cloths).

However, we also offer a huge range of familiar products.  If it is promotional and you want it customising then we will supply it. Examples of the other products we are regularly supplying include Coffee Cups and Sleeves, Pens, USB sticks, personalised stationery (e.g. notebooks and diaries), water bottles, parking tickets and PCN rolls, the list goes on!

As a leading UK supplier, we pride ourselves on supplying top quality products at highly competitive prices.

Custom Medals for Sports and Competitions

Why partner with Web Products Direct?

We have a track record as a trusted supplier to industry and the public and not-for-profit sectors across the UK.  We have specialist expertise and the reputation to deliver quality products, reliably.

Given that we are able to process very large orders (a million units would not phase us!) we are able to offer highly competitive volume discounts.  We are also happy to work with our clients to allow them to draw down stock in parcels and spread delivery times of consignments across the year.

So, an integral and reliable partner within your supply chain helping you achieve economies of scale, efficiency and high levels of customer satisfaction. Why would you want to go anywhere else!

So, onwards and upwards

Our aim is to develop long-term relationships with our clients built on trust and a deep understanding of their needs. So, if you think there are ways that we support the success of your own organisation, please let us know.  If you need any other help, then you can email us at or call us on Lancaster 01524 848382.

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