Benefits of Supporting Charity Within a Business

Benefits of Supporting Charity Within a Business

Supporting a charity, as well as being a great cause and helping others out, can benefit you as a business. You can see plenty of positive results, both for the charity and for your business. Whether you just have a money jar in the office or you hold an annual event; it’s goal-orientated and a way to work together to reach a target. And all for a wonderful cause!

Public Relations

The local newspaper, radio stations and community groups love hearing and reporting about charitable causes. By being involved in a charity, these outlets will be sure to want to get involved and spread the word about your company’s good deeds. Especially if these are local causes. A lot of local communities are extremely involved in smaller charities in the area, and if you are helping them out, you may be lucky to get some coverage in a resident paper or radio show.

This is great for getting your business known; and most importantly, known for doing good, and helping others. It’s basically free promotion, for both you and the charity.

Young Girl Presenting in Radio Station Spreading News of Charity Work in Business

Getting Social

Whether your business is a dab hand at social media, or not; supporting a charity is a great way to get an increased following, more traffic and community support for your business. This is just another form of public relations in a way, but can be much more creative!

Some companies may be concerned about possible negativity from comments and such, but corporate giving is more likely to gain positivity from social media, from mentions and sharing, etc. Post photos, videos, and articles; keeping people up to date on your progress with the charity. It will make it much more interactive and engaging for your audience.

Teambuilding and Staff Morale

There are many internal advantages to getting involved with a charity. Employee engagement is key, and keeping staff happy is a huge priority in helping a business thrive. Charitable giving is sure to improve engagement and lift productivity. A trip out or an activity related to the charity can help with teamwork and bring a more positive energy to the workplace. If anything, helping a non-profit organisation is sure to bring a feeling of positivity and teamwork, which can reflect in work and attitude.

Group of People Together Team Building


Within business, we all know the value of networking; whether this be generating leads at an event or out creating new connections. There is a need to discover common ground to help build links. Through working for charities, you can easily create new contacts, build business together and immediately have a rewarding and exciting conversation topic. In doing so, there is also a regular opportunity to keep in touch and maintain the relationships.

Financial Benefits

As well as giving a financial lift to a charity, you can gain certain tax benefits. When companies make the generous gift of money to charities, they can gain tax relief. By giving money as an individual company which should be paid gross; tax is deducted. The donations will be deductible from total profits of the business when corporation tax is calculated. Everyone wins!

Womans Hand with Calculator Calculating Financial Benefit of Charity in Business

Supporting a charity is not only a great way to get your brand and business out into the public eye, and get some buzz, but you are doing a great thing for the world! Many charities depend on volunteers and donations from businesses and the public to raise awareness and the funds.

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