The Key To Success

We are a leading UK wholesale supplier of bespoke and customised promotional products. We are proud to provide high quality, competitive prices, bulk discounts and reliable delivery.

Our products are more than just ‘give-aways’, they are designed to raise brand awareness and loyalty, win the hearts of those that receive them and show just how much our clients care about their customers.

We offer free expert support and design, no set-up fees, a designated account manager and free express delivery to UK mainland!

Our Products

Your one-stop-shop for custom promotional products

From the very beginning, we had a very clear idea of how we wanted to develop relationships with our clients. Our long history of specialising in custom promotional products has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of a large variety of industry sectors that need our products.

The truth is, many large businesses, Public Sector bodies, not-for-profit organisations and marketing agencies, trust us to provide them with a broad range of bespoke products that build their brands or promote a key message to their chosen audience.

This is how we work at Web Products Direct

Since we have such a wide range of custom promotional products available to personalise, it is much simpler for our clients to order them all in one place and, obviously, this has many advantages:

Saving time

Surely, as the marketing director of your company or a marketing agency, you have been in the following situation: you have to organise an event where you need Landyards to identify authorised personnel, fabric wristbands to manage access to the right places, want personalised car air freshener as a promotional giveaway or want to reward success and participation by giving away a medal. It can make your head spin? You start searching online for each product and a reliable quote to compare prices, and you end up wasting a great deal of valuable time with limited success. In the end, you cannot find anything that really suits your needs.

That is where Web Products Direct comes in. Tell us a little about your event, provide some branding artwork, and we will provide a range of options for promoting the event, with design ideas if you like, and very importantly provide a fully costed quote with no hidden costs! Our aim is to make the procurement process as simple as we can for you.

Saving money

Our customers are usually large companies that buy our custom promotional products in larger volumes, and because we develop partner relationships built on mutual trust, we are able to offer highly competitive prices. In fact, we know each of our customers so well that we can tailor our products and services to their budget.

However, it is not just about price! By working in partnership the process from enquiry to delivery runs much more smoothly, saving time and therefore money!

We are your trusted provider

As a key supplier, we know we need to build strong relationships with our clients that are beneficial for both us and them. At Web Products Direct we are experts in personalising products; but not only the product. 

We also personalise our service to our clients as part of our aim to build confidence in the relationships. In this sense, we have always been committed to creating and fostering lasting relationships with those we work with that offer lasting value in the long-term.

How do we build lasting relationships?

Our customer service approach goes beyond mere transactions. We seek the long-term satisfaction of our client’s needs so that they think of us whenever they need personalised products for their business, event or fund-raising activity. It is a learning relationship and we are flexible and adaptable and easily able to adapt to the changing needs of our client’s organisation.

Following this approach, our philosophy is based on going above and beyond the well-known B2B or B2C models. Web Products Direct adopts a more human approach, which is precisely the name we give it – H2H (human-to-human) marketing and customer service. We are aware that, like consumers, organisations no longer simply buy products, but instead look for value, service, reliability and loyalty. And in all those areas we are experts!

We don’t offer stock-standard solutions. We personalise our conversations with each of our clients in the same way we personalise the products they buy from us. 

Customised promotional products: all in one place – the right place!

If you are a marketing agency or event organiser, a large company that wants to manage access for its employees, a football team that wants to raise funds for a charitable cause, or even the NHS promoting a good health campaign you can find everything you need in our one-stop-shop! Contact us today to see how we can help to promote your business