Custom Medals For Any Event

Whether for a triathlon, an obstacle race or a sports day, all participants deserve to take something home with them. Why not give them a medal that recognises their effort? Why not create yours for that day? We give out medals in different sizes and styles. You can personalize them with many Pantone colours or pick your own colour. Pick your preferred finish, and share your requirements, design, illustrations, and colours. Within 24 hours, we’ll provide digital proof of the design and a free quote. We take care of everything!

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Product Description

Custom Medals

At Web Products Direct, we can provide medals in various sizes and styles that you can customise in a wide range of colours. We can also work with you to personalise with your logo and details.

Choose the finish that you like and send us your requirements (design, illustrations and colours). We will use this and in less than 24 hours we will send you a digital proof of the design and a free quotation. We take care of everything!

Product features:

  • Different styles: Without Enamel, Contrast Metal, Silicone Rubber, Die Cast Metal, and Soft Enamel custom medals
  • Personalised designs for your event
  • Ribbons can be fully customised on request
  • No design or set-up fees
  • Free UK Delivery

What can you use our personalised medals for?

  • Custom Medals for sports, OCR, mud, or survival-themed activity-based events
  • Silicone Medals for Schools, Colleges, and Universities. For participation, achievement, or competitive success
  • Commemorative events or workplace celebrations. Medals for employee recognition or achievement.
  • Medals for charity events and fundraising activities
  • Military medals to recognise acts of courage and dedication

Different styles to choose

Pick from various medal options: No enamel, metal with contrasting colours, rubber, die-cast metal, and soft enamel custom medals. All our medals are high-quality, great value, and long-lasting. Each medal comes with a classic stock fabric ribbon in a popular Pantone colour you select.

Custom Without Enamel Medals

If you are looking for a simple medal without colour, then our Contrast and Die Cast Medals are perfect. They are generated from high-quality, relatively low-cost, materials.

With no colour customisation on the medal, your logo and message are laser engraved on the metal. This provides you with a long-lasting quality finish for that premium look.

Custom Contrast Metal Medals

Metal Medals with Contrast are perfect for end-of-season awards or where you are giving out larger volumes of medals. Relatively inexpensive, Contrast medals offer great value and with ‘contrast’ look amazing. Why not add that extra touch of class with an enamel fill to the contrast?

Custom Silicone Medals

Silicone medals are a relatively inexpensive and fun way to recognise achievement. Loved by kids especially, these medals are perfect for Primary Schools, Youth Groups, and Community events. We can craft Silicone medals flat (two-dimensional) or raised (three-dimensional) as well. With bright, vibrant, colours and eye-catching designs in fine detail, this is the perfect participation medal for you.

Custom Die Cast Metal Medals

Our most popular medal. Die Cast Medals are perfect for sporting events and achievement awards. Heavyweight quality medals which look amazing on a coloured ribbon.

Why not create your own unique design and shape for a truly distinctive medal? All our Die Cast Medals come with a premium quality ribbon in a choice of colours.

Custom Soft Enamel Medals

If you prefer the high-quality feel of a heavy Die Cast Medal with colour then this is the perfect medal for you. Coloured enamel adds a touch of class to this premium medal. Easily customisable with your logo or branding or keep it simple. Long-lasting and durable it will be cherished for a lifetime!

High-quality polyester Ribbons

All our medals come with a high-quality polyester ribbon. Select your colour from a wide range of popular Pantone colours or use your own colour to match your branding if you prefer. As an optional extra, add your logo or message text.

Using the best sublimation printing technique (heat treatment) you will get stunning and vivid colours. We use this printing method to ensure that they are durable and will not fade with rubbing or friction.

100% Customisable

Create your own bespoke Medals. To get started, choose your favourite medal shape and finish. The next step is to provide your text details or personalised message and upload an image or logo. What could be simpler to create your unique customised medal?

How do we work?

Order with custom options and artwork. The sales Team will send a digital proof for approval. After your order is reviewed and approved, it will be made and delivered to your door by our Partner Couriers. We will keep you informed at each step of the process and you can track your order after it is despatched.

    Contact Information

    Please provide your contact information and we will send you a personalised quotation.

    Product Information

    Please let us know which Medal and Ribbon you are interested in and upload your artwork or logo

    Please provide details of the diameter of Medal you are interested in. Don’t worry if you are unsure, as we will base our quotation on 50mm diameter. If you select other, please provide further details in the comment box below or call our expert design team on +44 01524 848382.

    Please note our minimum order quantity is 100 units. We need details of the quantity required to be able to prepare your quote as unit price falls with volume.

    Further Comments

    Please let us know if you have any further comments that will help us offer you a great service and great value!


    How do I customise my medals, and what options are available?

    At Web Products Direct, we offer a seamless customisation process. You can choose from various medal styles, including Without Enamel, Contrast Metal, Silicone Rubber, Die Cast Metal, and Soft Enamel. Personalisation options abound with a wide range of Pantone colours, and you can even pick your preferred finish. Simply share your event requirements, design ideas, illustrations, and colour preferences. Within 24 hours, we’ll provide you with a digital proof of the design and a free quote. We take care of everything, ensuring a hassle-free and tailored experience for your event.

    Absolutely! Our personalised medals cater to a diverse range of events, from sports like triathlons and obstacle races to school activities and workplace celebrations. Whether it’s a mud run, a school competition, a charity event, or a military recognition ceremony, our medals are designed to suit various occasions. The versatility of our offerings makes them suitable for commemorating achievement, recognising participation, and adding a touch of class to any event.

    What are the key features of each medal style, and how can I choose the right one for my event?

    We provide an array of medal styles, each with its unique features. Choose Without Enamel for a simple, laser-engraved design. Contrast Metal Medals offer an economical solution with a contrasting look, while Silicone Medals provide a fun and vibrant option, ideal for schools and community events. Die Cast Metal Medals, our most popular choice, are heavyweight and perfect for sporting events, while Soft Enamel Medals combine a high-quality feel with coloured enamel for a premium look. Each medal comes with a classic stock fabric ribbon in your selected Pantone colour.

    What is the order process, and how will I be involved in the customisation?

    Ordering custom medals is a straightforward process at Web Products Direct. Choose your preferred medal shape and finish, provide text details or a personalised message, and upload your logo or image. Our sales team will then send you a digital proof for your approval. After reviewing and approving your order, it will be crafted and delivered to your door by our partner couriers. We keep you informed at each step, and you can track your order after it’s dispatched. With no design or set-up fees and the assurance of free UK delivery, creating your unique customised medal has never been simpler.


    Personalised Design

    Choose from our stock metal medals or design your own custom medal for your sporting event.

    Express Delivery

    Request a quote online. You will then receive it along with your digital proof. As soon as you approve it you will receive your order in a very short time.

    High Quality

    All of our medals are made of high-quality materials.