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Hidden Meaning of Colour

The importance of a coloured silicone wristband is a question that has been answered. Now, all you have left to do is pick a great colour and roll with it. Red, blue and yellow are all great colours for the likes of Superman and so should also fit the needs of your business. It is a logical step to take, after all.

So, now you have an amazing coloured wristband  in mind for your event or cause, but, have you stopped to think what that colour means? Or whether or not another one will be better suited for your needs?


Red wine in wineglass on dark background

Red is a vibrant colour. One that is often associated with energy, strength, power, determination and desire. The intensity of this colour makes it a popular choice for many causes with a passionate following as it is a colour that inspires action. As such, it has been a great colour used in wristbands supporting causes that raise funds for heart conditions. It is also a great colour to use in association with high octane industries such as energy drinks, games and the sporting industry.


Yellow Aster Close Up

Happiness comes in many shades, but none are more obvious or vibrant than the colour yellow. It inspires the happiness and warmth in others that many colours cannot replicate, it is also a colour which is guaranteed to grab attention and stand out. As such, it would make a great colour for a silicone wristband. This is especially the case for industries such as children’s products or leisure. It is often seen as a ‘childish’ colour, so it is not suggested as a colour that can promote luxury products or anything aimed at an older audience.


Sliced green apples wallpapers

A colour that brings people close to nature, green is a perfect symbol for growth, renewal, harmony and freshness. A darker shade of green is also something often associated with money and prosperity. This is one of the most soothing, attractive colours to the human eye and as such is an attractive choice for a silicone wristband. Green is a colour that helps indicate safety, as such it is a great way to advertise medical safe medical products and medicine. It is also a fantastic colour to indicate a recycling or simply ‘green’ incentive.


Blueberries in a bowl in the garden

One of the most popular colours, it is used throughout many campaigns as a friendly and well-loved colour. A natural colour, it is the pigment of the sky and sea. As such, it is a colour that is often seen to have many depths and be a constant – there is a level of stability. Due to the large popularity of this colour, it can be used to promote a variety of products using a silicone wristband. It can help to promote cleanliness, precision and the corporate world in an effective way.

Interested in a silicone band which can represent your company in the long term? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for help choosing the right wristband for your needs, or give us a call on 01524 848382.

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