Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2017

New Year, new marketing campaign. That’s usually the mantra of many businesses at the beginning of the year. However, this can quickly fall flat if your marketing campaign is not in line with the marketing trend at the time.

2017 - New Year

So, what are the best marketing trends that you should be looking out for and emulating in 2017?

Video Marketing

Scrolling through your social media feed, particularly Facebook, you may find that 80% of the content available is video. That is because the modern audience is harder and harder to hook by the day. Text is easy to scroll past, but a video is a much better hook as people enjoy the easier format that does not force them to read.

taking a photo with the phone

As a statistic, mobile videos generate around six times more views than any other type of post on social media. It is an invaluable asset for any marketing campaign in the New Year as a result. Video is the name of the marketing game in 2017, so ensure that your company embraces this fact.

VR Experience

Virtual reality is about to blast off in 2017, no doubt about it. Companies that jump on the bandwagon early have the advantage of pioneering the format and helping to dictate where this marketing should go. From Pokémon to Sony headsets, the world has proven that this type of entertainment is and will continue to be immensely popular.

virtual reality

It is an extremely viable marketing platform, bringing your online world into the real world.


Advertising is something people are resisting more in the modern age, becoming ultimately less susceptible to buying something simply because you tell them it is amazing. Adding an individualistic tone to your marketing can help remove some of this initial consumer mistrust.

This is a case of identifying and targeting content that consumers are looking for – whether they know it or not. Being able to do this involves deep research into your consumer’s habits, interests and motivations. This grabs their interest and may be the first step needed to converting them to a sale. Content should not be a case of yelling into the void, it should be a calm and informative delivery to the relevant audience.

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