Custom Fabric Wristbands VS. Tattoos

We all like to feel part of something. The people around us, the places we go, our tastes, even our decisions. In part, these factors are determined by the group or groups to which we belong.

When we are young, our classmates and our family are the basis of our social relationships, and when we get older our social circle expands, which can be very diverse. A sport, meeting people with certain hobbies, discovering new interests. All this creates changes in our life and, above all, creates links, either with the people we share these passions with or with the wider community that are involved in these activities. We get that sense of belonging and feeling part of something special.

While this feeling of belonging is not tangible and cannot be observed, there are now lots of other ways to show what we care about.

We can say that tattoos are the most ‘vivid’ way of demonstrating that feeling of belonging. But there are other less dramatic ways! So in our blog we will highlight other ways you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve and share your passion with others.

A mark on your skin: the tattoo

Why do we wear tattoos? Many people have a tattoo for the
simple pleasure of it. It makes them feel great. In fact, they are also fashionable and on-trend and many want to feel part of what is happening now. However, on the other hand, many people decide to mark their skin forever with something that is unique to them or relates to one of their social groups or hobbies.

However, there is the chance that as time goes by, we may come to regret our tattoo as our lifestyle and interests change over time. Think carefully, therefore if a tattoo is what you really you want!

Ephemeral marks: Adhesive tattoos

These are temporary tattoos, perfect for those who are undecided or who simply fear needles. They are a good option when it comes to representing what you identify with: they are not forever (so no worries about regret down the line!) and painless to apply. However, as they start to wear off they can start to look messy and unattractive.

A ‘wearable’ option: T-shirts

The fashion sector knows all about trends. The industry takes into account how we feel, what we do, where we are going and what inspires us. Designs are then created that fit with these different factors and what appeals to different audiences.

As they would say, the way we dress says an awful lot about us. We all have a favourite T-shirt, either because it showcases our favourite band, was given to us by a special person or simply that it perfectly fits the style we love. But a T-shirt is not something you can wear every day; at some point, you have to wash it and over time it will lose its shape, colour and design. There has to be something more durable that tells our story!

The one that ticks all the boxes: Custom Fabric Wristbands

Small, but with so much meaning! It is not marked on your skin but it still feels great and something you will be proud and excited to wear. A fabric wristband is an accessory that you can wear all your life on your wrist. Wake up, put on your wristband and it becomes the ritual of every morning. In fact, it will feel weird if you don’t wear it!

Not only are fabric wristbands a great fashion accessory, comfortable to wear and relatively inexpensive but they are also eye-catching. Does that sound like something that would appeal to you?

Wearing a custom fabric wristband represents something or someone special: a connection. It is to proudly show everyone your great passions. And if they are shared passions with your friends, so much the better! You might never have thought about the fact that a fabric wristband could have so much meaning, but yes, its value goes well beyond allowing you access to a concert, sporting or other events.

By clicking here, you can design your own custom fabric wristbands so you can see exactly what it will look like and even share the design with your friends or social group to see if they like it too.

The sense of belonging is very strong in us. In fact, it goes back to prehistoric times and is hardwired into our genes! That is why if you are a business, charity, school, or you represent a club, society or social group or are even organising a family event such as wedding or christening, then share that sense of belonging with the simple fabric wristband. They will remember you, your passion or your event every time they see the wristband!

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