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Custom Lanyards: 7 tips to get the best design

[vc_row thb_divider_position=”bottom”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Custom Lanyards are perfect for managing and controlling access to events or premises. They can be used at private parties, festivals or conferences, the list can be endless. With custom lanyards,  you can easily identify your staff and visitors, or keep security key cards easily accessible, among many other options.

With a custom lanyard design, they are also ideal for promoting your brand. Discover the main tips that will mark the success of your campaign in this article.

 Keep it Simple.

A lanyard is a useful object, which cannot be avoided from time to time, it is important to customize it, but we should not forget that it will not be the centre of attention. Therefore, it is important not to fill it with much information, it will be more productive to focus on the main objective of the promotion.

Remember “Simple” Sells!

 Select your own Pantone

If your business has its own colour, do not use another colour to promote yourself, be it a Pantone or an RGG or Hexagonal code, identify it and use it in your campaigns. In Lanyards and Wristbands, we facilitate the process to find out in our custom Lanyards.

Take advantage of contrast

As you can see, with the 6-step process to customize your bead, you can select the colours of both the bead and the text. Granted, good contrast makes your design easy and enjoyable to read and look at, especially when you’re in a confined space like a string. So do not hesitate to try all the combinations and stay with the best of them.

How do you do it? Go to our visual edits and you will be able to see it in a few seconds. In addition, we invite you to request your free sample and avoid disappointment.

Design your own attachments

The personalization of the lanyards has reached a very high level, this allows us to introduce everything we can imagine to our design. That is why customization takes on great importance. As we have said before, it is important that it be simple but also of quality.

Do not forget, the quality and simplicity of the design are more important than the size or number of elements.

Use only one font

As we have been repeating the article, simplicity and clarity will be the basis. Putting the claim of your business, the name of the event, or the type of pass, will be very useful, but if you put a second message you should not make the mistake of using a different typeface.

Play with size or even colour, but do not use two different typefaces.

Pick the correct Type of Lanyard

There are three principal kinds of lanyards, choose the one who suits you better.

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Sublimated Custom Lanyards

An economical and safe method to promote your festival, company or event. You can choose a rainbow of colours at no additional charge. The ink is transferred into the Lanyard material by hot pressing. Eye-catching gradients and photographic prints can be created throughout the Lanyard.

Advantages of Sublimated Custom Lanyards:

  • Economical in small quantities
  • Multiple colour combinations at a low price
  • Striking design effects such as blur
  • Printing can be achieved over the whole Lanyard without cuts
  • They are softer than Lanyards in screen printing
  • Fabric and logos can be any colour

Printed Custom Lanyard

Your logo and design will be printed using a by screen printing process.

Advantages of Printed Custom Lanyards:

  • Economical in large quantities with 1 colour logo
  • Great contrast between base colour and logo colour
  • Up to 4 printing colours of your choice
  • Material and logos can be printed in any colour

Woven Custom Lanyard

They are characterized by their robustness and resistance. They are especially suitable for knitting single-colour patterns, which also reflects the negative motive on the back, and result in high-quality advertising.

The woven lanyard is, without a doubt, a point of attraction for your business and a useful high-quality promotional item and a daily article for your customers, employees and business partners!


We recommend you to choose Polyester Lanyards because of his high-quality. They are Available in different thicknesses and choose from a variety of safety breaks and clips.

There are also PVC Lanyards, but polyester lanyards are durable and long lasting and the print on sublimated Lanyards is resistant to chafing.


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Try Our Lanyards Designer Tool

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