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How to Choose a Promotional Item for Your Charity

Here at Silicone Wristbands Direct, we see a lot of people using our products to promote their charities – allowing people to wear their causes on their sleeves. Charity wristbands are a fantastic way to get the message out there, as they are fashionable, practical and always sure to spark off a conversation about the message behind the band. Since the best way to raise money for your charity is to offer people choice, you might want to offer a few other promotional items to compliment your wristbands. To help you out, we’ve put together some tips for helping you choose:

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Choosing the perfect promotional item for charity

Make it Functional

Novelty items might get a smile and laugh when you first unveil them, however when it comes to actually choosing an item people will often prefer something that they can make use of. People always need practical objects such as sports bottles, USB sticks and even just trusty old pens, so why not give them the opportunity to support a good cause whilst receiving an item that they can actually benefit from? Even better is if you can find a functional item that not a lot of other people are offering – the RSPCA, for instance, have started selling pet food and accessories.

Make it Fun

If you think that this contradicts our last suggestion then think again – functional products can still be fun. If you have a popular mascot then you can consider creating items which have been themed around their character, while the bright colours of your logo can be used for branding. For inspiration, consider Cancer Research’s range of products for children, which include useful wooden stools beautifully illustrated with fun animal designs.

Make it High Quality

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If you can offer high quality items that will last people a long time then they will be willing to make larger donations – especially for ornate items that can be proudly displayed in the living room. Oxfam is famous for supplying incredibly high quality second hand items, with their online shop displaying a huge selection of antiques, rare books and genuine vintage clothing. This allows them to charge more than other charity shops, ultimately resulting in more money going to those in need.

Make it Relevant

When people come to give money to your charity it will usually be because they’re interested in the specific cause that you represent, so items which are relevant will always be more appealing. We have already seen how the RSPCA offer pet-related products to the animal lovers who support them, while Cancer Research have toys aimed at the young scientists who might one day become the researchers of the future – a mini microscope and a genetics and DNA kit.

Make it Selfless

 As a charity, you can certainly boost donations by giving people the opportunity to buy items that they want or need, however when people go to give money to charity they’re not necessarily looking to get something out of it for themselves. One great idea is to create gifts that don’t go to the people who pay for them, but to the people who need them – many charities have started ranges of ‘feel good gifts’ which are sent out directly to those who can make use of them. A great example of this comes from Save the Children, who have created items such as the ‘healthy baby hamper’, which allows people to directly support their mission of giving children the best possible start in life.

Think Outside The Box Slogan to Choose Promotional Item Wisely

Whatever you decide would support your charity effectively, wristbands remain one of the simplest and most popular options. If you want to create high quality wristbands for your charity then we would love to help you – get in touch at 01524 848382 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

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