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Summer Fun: Our Top Picks For Summer Fundraising Ideas

Everyone loves summer, especially when the weather is warm and bright. It encourages people to spend more time outdoors – late week nights in the garden and endless weekend fun!

Why not use this to your advantage and organise a summer based fundraiser? You can raise money for your charity whilst enjoying the outdoors. Fundraisers in the sun appeal to everyone, so you can involve people of all ages.

Stuck for ideas? Don’t worry because we have plenty! As a company who specialises in personalised rubber wristbands, we have worked with hundreds of different people on different campaigns.

Here is just a selection of our favourite ideas!


Music Concert

We love the idea of a summer concert – and it can be as big or as intimate as you want! The size of your concert depends on the funds that you have, the people you want to attract and the resources that you have at your disposal. The main goal is to raise money, but you want people to have fun whilst doing so.

Do you have a specific style or genre in mind? Will it be open mic or are you going to book the talent beforehand? It might be best to get a feel from people about what music they want to hear, or just have a mix of genres. The main thing is to work out where it will be taking place, and then you know how many acts you can ask to be involved!

Raising money can come from selling tickets to the events, from people buying refreshments inside, and from selling concessions such as t-shirts and hats!  Why not have wristbands instead of tickets? Rubber wristbands are an affordable alternative – and your guests can feel like they are at a real festival!


A bike-a-thon is a brilliant way of raising money and staying active! There really isn’t much planning involved with this type of fundraiser – just getting people signed up and setting out an appropriate course.

The people who want to be involved should gather sponsors from their friends and family, with them promising to cycle a certain amount of miles or for a certain amount of time.

You can boost funds by having refreshments on sale for all the people who come out to cheer on their loved ones!

Summer Fete

rubber ducky you are the one

The British love a good summer fete! They are usually carried out within schools, as it’s a brilliant and fun way for schools to raise funds.  We think a summer fete is a really good way to raise money, as you can host a number of different activities, all in the same place.

The aim is usually to have a number of stalls which all feature different things and different ways to raise funds. It could be a cake stand, raffle, guess the name of, hook a duck, or similar activities.

This one is usually a hit with families – especially children!

BBQ Event

It’s summer and everyone loves food! Good enough reason? We love the idea of this fundraiser, and we think it would be a popular idea.

You could host a cook off – teams prepare large quantities of their favourite dishes and a team of judges are on hand to taste them all and choose the best. You can raise money easily by asking the teams to pay to enter and people to pay to watch.

You could also simply have a BBQ – people pay to come in and get their food cooked for them! You can make extra money by having activity stalls and selling drinks. Have vegetarian options too so everyone can get involved.

Vegetables barbecue

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