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Exciting developments at Web Products Direct!

The last 12-months or so have been a challenge for all of us of course.  We certainly haven’t been immune to the lockdown.   But we are eternally optimistic, passionate about what we do and completely committed to continually improving what we do for our valued customers. So, we have been on a mission! A mission to improve what we do by simplifying our websites, our brands, and the way we manage our business.

So, let us tell you more about the exciting changes that we have made at Web Products Direct over the past year.

Re-branding – we are now Web Products Direct

We worried that using a wide range of brands for each product was confusing for our customers and meant it was difficult for them to order different products at the same time. It also meant we were not able to showcase the depth of skill and expert knowledge in our team.  The skill and knowledge that delivers consistently high-quality, value for money, and excellent customer service regardless of the type of product.

So, going forward, we will no longer focus on our individual product brands.  Instead, we are simply known as Web Products Direct and continue to be one of the UK’s leading wholesale suppliers of top-quality customised promotional products.

But, we are still the same business! And what made each of these brands special and much-loved remains. Our expert design team and account managers with vital industry knowledge, a fabulous and expanding range of niche promotional products, and our commitment to offering the best prices and value.

So don’t be surprised if you have been re-directed to the new Webproductsdirect.com website from one of our historic branded sites. You are still definitely in the right place for:

  • Silicone & Fabric Wristbands
  • Custom Car Air Fresheners
  • Custom medals for sport and events
  • Glasses cases and microfibre cloths for Opticians and Optometrists
  • Personalised Lanyards
  • A host of other much-loved personalised promotional products such as Coffee Mugs, USB sticks, Pens, and much more. If you want it to promote your organisation we’ll create it for you!

Introducing our New website

Historically, as we had multiple brands, we had a separate website for each brand based upon a certain product type. This worked successfully for many years but as technology has improved and people have changed how they search for the products they need, we realised change was needed.

As we now only have one brand, we have taken the opportunity to also simplify our websites.  We now have one new all singing all dancing website that replaces our previous features all our products in one place.  A one-stop-shop that is simple to find and simple to buy from!

We have aimed to create one great looking new website that is:

  • User friendly
  • Works well whether you are on your laptop, tablet or phone
  • Is simple to select customisation options and get a bespoke instant quote.

So what next?

As the lockdown restrictions ease we are welcoming back our customers new and old. We are very excited about the next chapter for our business but also for helping our customers engage with their audience in new and exciting ways. So, let’s work together, share our passion for doing amazing things, and make the next 12 months truly special!