Custom CAr Air Fresheners Promotional Product

5 Great Tips for Using Custom Car Air Fresheners

With the lockdown restrictions easing, and businesses trying to find ways of re-engaging with their customers, now is the perfect time to use promotional products.  And there is no better promotional giveaway to win hearts and minds than a Car Air Freshener.

But how do you get the best value from your promotional give away?  You customise it with all your business details!  Logo, contact details, personalised message, whatever tells your story.  This way you will:

  • build brand awareness
  • promote customer loyalty
  • ensure your customer thinks of you the next time they want to order your product or service!

And that is where we come in, with our high-quality, great value custom Car Air Fresheners!  Brand building mile after mile!

How can I use Custom Car Air Fresheners?

They are very versatile.  Any of your customers that have a vehicle will love them! Over the years, though, we know our customers have found the following uses very effective:

1. Leave a Car Air Freshener in the customers vehicle

This makes an instant impact.  As the customer returns to their vehicle they will get a great scent.  Also, as a free giveaway it shows that you are willing to go that extra mile and offer great service.  It’s the little things that make all the difference.

If you prefer, simply leave the Air Freshener in its sealed wrapper so the customer has a choice when to use it.

This is a great for Car Washes, Car Valeters and Detailers, Car Dealerships and MOT and Repair centers.

2. Corporate Welcome and Hospitality Packs

Many of our customers have a pack of promotional goodies for their clients or potential clients that they give away for free.

As well as the much-loved Car Air Freshener, you may also include pens, notepads, post-it notes, USB sticks, coffee mugs, water bottles, Lanyards and Wristbands.  These are great for:

  • A welcome pack to new or prospective customers
  • Corporate hospitality events
  • At exhibitions and conferences
  • For sales staff to hand out when they are visiting clients or prospective clients

It really doesn’t matter if you are professional services business, insurance company, manufacturer or retailer.  We don’t know any type of business that would not benefit from using Car Air Fresheners as part of their welcome or hospitality pack.

3. Car Air Fresheners for Hotels or those offering guest accommodation

Very often, guests staying in your hotel, Air BnB, Guest House or B&B will have arrived by car.  Perhaps when they check-out they have a long journey ahead of them and would really appreciate a refreshing scent in the car as they head home!

Perhaps leave a complimentary Car Air Freshener in their room or offer one as they check out.  Either way, they will really appreciate the kind gesture and will be reminded of their enjoyable stay with you, and your great service, every time they drive their car.

4. Car Air Fresheners for Charities and fundraisers

Those working in the not-for-profit sector are often trying to find imaginative ways to engage with their supporters or potential future supporters.  Car Air Fresheners can make a huge impact for not-for-profit organisations in two ways:

  • Offer the Air Fresheners and ask for a donation.
  • Sell them at a fund-raising events
  • Simply give them away to raise awareness or spread an important message

Supporters will feel proud to show others what they care about and Car Air Fresheners are highly visual.

5. Custom Car Air Fresheners for your staff

As with all promotional products it is great that employees can help promote their employer’s brand.  We see this all the time with uniforms.  But why not with a Car Air Freshener?

Everyone loves a Car Air Freshener – especially when it is free!  So, your employees will be happy that their car smells great whilst showing casing your branding to their friends and family who travel with them. It also shows you care.  It may only be a tiny gift but often that is all it takes.

21st-century employers are having to work hard to find and keep good staff.  Anything that is a little bit different that shows you are an employer that cares about its people will make a difference. Even a small gift can have a huge impact.

I’m not sure where to start. Can you help?

Absolutely! We have a special Car Air Freshener team that can talk you through the different options (e.g shape, quality, scents, packing) as well as design ideas and even how best to use them to win over your target audience! Our team can also provide you with a highly competitive quote which will help with your budgeting.

You can reach us on (+44) 01524 848382 or email