Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloths

Why use personalised promotional products?

Why use personalised promotional products for your optical practice? Well, if you can’t see the benefits then you need your eyes testing! Sorry, we couldn’t resist!

At a time where the big multiples like Specsavers or Vision Express are becoming more dominant in the market, and the increasing threat from online retailers, it is even more important to make sure your practice sticks out from the crowd. That you take every opportunity to let your customers see the great value, service and products you offer as a specialist independent practice. Customised promotional products are perfect for doing just that.  Relatively inexpensive, high-quality and very visible.

Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloths

Winning the hearts and minds of your patients

Personalised promotional products can be a brilliant way for opticians and optometrists to impress their patients and ensure they come back time and time again. With something as simple as a custom microfibre cloth given to your patient with their next pair of glasses, you will notice the comments and praise you receive. A personalised cleaning cloth that reminds your patient constantly of the excellent service they received from your practice ever time they clean their glasses!

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and these simple promotional giveaways are perfect for saying “thank you for your custom”. People love the personal service that they get from an independent optician and offering them something as simple as a cloth or a personalised glasses case can make all the difference.

Broaden awareness of your practice

Why let your town or city be overrun with shoppers holding Specsavers bags, reminding other people they need to pop in to get their eyes checked? Use your own personalised bags so that where ever your patients go next, your brand will go with them! Maybe someone spots your bag who hasn’t had their eyes checked in a while, or they forgot to call up and book last week, or even worse, they didn’t know your practice was there at all! By using your own personalised bags, you will be letting people know far and wide about your optical practice and building all important brand awareness in your community.

Brand recognition is the key to success

If a patient sees your branding every day, they are more likely to think of your practice as soon as they think of opticians.  With large national opticians using the power of advertising billboards, Television, Magazines and national press, independent opticians and optometrists need to find an alternative, cost-effective, and powerful way to build snd retain brand awareness. What easier way could there be to remind your patients of your brand and excellent, personalised service, than with a customised glasses case and cleaning cloth! A case and cloth with your logo embossed or printed will be seen by the patient every day and,  in fact, every time they put their glasses on and take them off!

Why give someone a Ray-Ban case with their Ray-Ban frame and give Luxottica all the free advertising? Far better your patient leaves with one of your better quality, longer lasting, personalised glasses case and cleaning cloth so they know their glasses aren’t from Ray-Ban, but instead from your optical practice.

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