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3 Tips for Your 2015 Social Media Marketing Strategy

Here at Silicone Wristbands Direct, we’re interested in all kinds of marketing, not just the parts that involve wristbands. One of these areas that we’re interested in is social media marketing, and how that channel has become big over the last years. Almost every business now has some form of social media marketing strategy, but, like most channels, this one evolves very quickly.

To help you all keep up with the latest effective strategies social media marketing has to offer, we’ll explain three strategies that we think every business should be using in 2015. Now you have no excuses not to have an effective social media strategy!

Post What People Care About

In 2015, people will still hate ads.

Social media platforms are now a very big part of people’s lives, and you should consider it a high honour to be included in people’s feeds. One way to make sure that you spoil relationships that you may have with users is to plaster their newsfeeds and timelines with adverts that they aren’t interested in. Users have allowed you to be on their feeds because they find you interesting or funny, not because they want to be bombarded with even more adverts during their day.

Make sure you keep your promotional content to a minimum and try focusing on content that people are actually interested in. This will help your audience grow and will help you to develop great relationships with your audience. Content such as stories, videos and useful tips tend to go further than adverts, so try to shift your content strategy more in that direction in 2015.

Set Goals on your Social Media Marketing Strategy

“Without a goal, you can’t score” –Unknown

Everybody knows that different social media networks have different features and different audiences and that won’t change at all in 2015. Another thing that won’t change is that businesses will have to act differently on each social media network in order to get the best effect they can on each platform. The best way to do this is to set clear goals and create serious strategies about how to achieve them on each platform.

For example, perhaps on Twitter you have an audience who are big on clicking photos and love to read stories about your product being used. You could create a goal to increase the click-through rate (CTR) you get on your tweets by 150%, and to achieve this you could create a strategy involving using more tweets with big photographs that lead to stories about your brand. If you have goals and strategies then it’s easier to figure out what works well for your brand and what should be avoided all together.

Get Creative with Competitions

2013 called, and it wants its dull social competitions back.

RT/Share to win competitions may have worked very effectively at one time in social media marketing’s lifespan, and still work adequately today, but most users are bored of these and they hardly give the impression of an exciting brand. In 2015, you should make your competitions stand out from the crowd. Try running competitions that involve users creating content that you could use yourself, for example asking users to create images using your product. Although these kinds of competitions are hardly cutting edge, they’ll stick out more on a feed than a boring old “RT to win!” contest. Whatever kind of competition you choose to run, make sure it is interesting and eye-catching, as these are the kinds of competitions that 2015 calls for.

Of course, wristbands will still play an effective role in 2015 marketing, and here at Silicone Wristbands Direct we can provide you with whatever you need to take your marketing plan to the next level. If you’re wanting a promotional or charity wristband then we can certainly help! Use our band builder to create the customised band you need, and if you’d like more information then feel free to contact us on 01524 848 382 today.

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