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Why Choose Wristbands Over Tickets For Your Event?

Silicone wristbands have provided a fantastic solution for many causes over the years, with one of the most common being the promotion of charity wristbands for a variety of charity and purpose causes. However, today – there are many uses a silicone wristband can offer a brand, from music gigs to trade shows and business conferences.

So, if you’re organising an event that requires a paid or on-going identification entrance, event wristbands are the perfect solution! Not only are they unique in their ability to give the customer an event ‘keepsake’, they are an affordable and cost effective option for many large-scale and start-up companies.

What’s So Good About Silicone Wristbands?

Wristbands work perfectly alongside tickets as a much more durable all-day solution, enabling the wearer to enjoy the event without having to keep an eye on their paper ticket. They also provide an easier re-entry solution, lessening entrance traffic and improving crowd flow, whatever the event type!

What Can They Be Used For?

Wristbands are a pretty handy option for a wide range of events, providing a safe, eco-friendly and secure alternative to paper tickets. Popular events include:

  • Music festivals and gigs
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Trade shows
  • VIP events
  • Seminars
  • Night clubs
  • University or college events
  • Theatre shows

Event wristbands are also an effective solution for highlighting different levels of access at particular events, including backstage access at a music festival or customer and brand entry at a trade show.

They are light, comfortable, inexpensive and very strong – making them an extremely popular and worthwhile choice for events, festivals or shows that take place over a few days.

Be Creative!

Wristbands have become a popular option for event organisers because of their versatility, for both wear and design matters. On a silicone wristband, you can add promotional messages, brand colours or logos and sponsor details to its design. These can be embossed, printed or filled during production at a very low cost, providing the wearer with a long-lasting product they can wear again!

Why’s it Better Than a Ticket?

Not only are wristbands a little more interesting than the average paper ticket (which usually ends up in the bin anyway), they provide a more efficient and eco-friendly alternative. Customers will keep your wristband as a memory, resulting in continuing brand promotion and ridding the environment of wasted paper.

Event wristbands really are the future of event entrance solutions, and offer many benefits to both brand and user. That’s why, here at Silicone Wristbands Direct – we provide a bespoke range of wristbands that can be effectively designed to suit your brand, whatever the use! So, for more information, or to speak to one of our friendly and creative team – please do not hesitate to contact us on 01524 848 382 today!

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