bulk personalised car air freshener
Crafting the Perfect Personalised Car Air Freshener: A Scent-Sational Guide

Car air fresheners are more than just pleasant additions to our vehicles; they’re miniature billboards that leave a lasting impression. If you’re seeking a thoughtful and customisable gift for customers, or if you want your brand to linger in the minds of clients during their daily commute, personalised car air fresheners are the way to […]

Make Your Promotional Events A Success with Personalised Items

In the world of promotional events, creating a lasting impression is key to success. Personalised items play a pivotal role in leaving a mark on your audience and ensuring they remember your brand long after the event concludes. In this blog, we’ll explore the effectiveness of personalised items, focusing on silicone wristbands and other unique […]

Promote CSR Policies
Environmental awareness – engage your team

The responsibility of business should go far beyond just meeting the demands of the product or service they offer. What matters is the intangible things they do that strengthen their reputation. For this reason, more and more businesses undertake social and community-based initiatives to raise awareness and show they care; and sustainability and the environment […]

10 offline branding ideas
Branding: 10 great ideas for offline marketing

We now live in a digital world. And it is not surprising that marketing has changed so much. Now any advertising strategy or brand communication has to include a good online marketing plan. Despite the rise of digital, we still love the touch and feel of physical items and don’t spend 24 hours a day looking at a […]

21st Century Tracking with RFID Festival Wristbands
Top Benefits of Using RFID Wristbands for Your Events

RFID wristbands are an incredibly popular piece of technology that is being used for the likes of building access and cashless payment. Using electromagnetic waves to identify and track the wearer as well as utilising data capture techniques, personalised wristbands used for RFID purposes are a great addition to your next event.

Why RFID Wristbands are Perfect for Gym Access Control
Why RFID Wristbands are Perfect for Gym Access Control

If you’re setting up or looking to improve the access control in your gym, then you should definitely consider using RFID wristbands. These wristbands have a wide range of benefits for the gym owner and here we explore how they can help to improve your business.

4 Tips for Planning an Event on a Budget
Valentine’s Day Events: Feel the Love For Silicone Wristbands

If you have a Valentine’s Day event or promotion coming up, then consider the versatility of a silicone wristband. You may feel you’re still getting over Christmas but in marketing terms, planning and preparation is key and it’s not too late to organise something special to promote your forthcoming activity. Here are five reasons why […]

Creating Memories With Event Souvenirs
Creating Memories With Event Souvenirs

Event souvenirs are great marketing tools. If you can instil the belief in someone that they want to keep an item, then it will remain a constant reminder of the event it came from and the message it entailed. Consider these options to create memories and build your brand with event souvenirs.

5 Simple Ways to Boost Brand Awareness
5 Simple Ways to Boost Brand Awareness

Whether a business is starting up or needs a few more customers, it is most likely missing out on one key factor: brand awareness. Besides traditional advertising, there are many other ways to get the word out into the world that there is a fantastic business in town, and that it’s yours! There is a […]

4 Reasons to Use Glow in the Dark Wristbands
How Silicone Wristbands Changed Charity Marketing

Silicone wristbands never used to be as popular as they are now. In fact, there once was a time that most 20-somethings may remember where wristbands weren’t widespread at all, let alone used in charity fundraising. So, how did a simple silicone wristband change the face of charity marketing and fundraising? We’ll have to time […]