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Personalised medals for our heroes!

If there is one good thing we can get out of the situation we are currently experiencing, it is that it is bringing out the most caring side of people. We have spent many days of confinement at home not only for our health, but also for the good of others, if we all collaborate […]

recognise your employees
Recognise employee achievement

Whether you are a large or small business, employees are your most valuable asset. Thanks to their commitment, hard-work, loyalty and enthusiasm, goals are reached and things get done well. However, the value is not just in economic terms through orders won, but also in terms of reputation, trust and credibility. Workers can be powerful […]

how to organise a triathlon: differences with a popular race
How to organise a triathlon: from competitor to organiser

Are you an athlete and entrepreneur and would you like to organise a successful sporting event? Organising a sports event, be it a triathlon or other popular race, is not easy. You need to consider many aspects, take care of all the details and be clear about exactly what you want to do. If you […]

School Sports Day
Organising a School Sports Day

The energy of children is unquestionable, and it is necessary to take advantage of that inexhaustible source of vitality to maximize their development and abilities; and no, we are not just referring to their academic development. The truth is that school is not only a place to learn from books: when we are children, our […]

Get your Medals by your Event Deadline

Much is happening in the world as a result of the Coronavirus which is severely impacting the manufacture of goods in China. The vast majority of metal and silicone medals which we use in the UK are manufactured in China. You could, therefore, be struggling to get guaranteed delivery of your bespoke medals by the […]

organising a soccer tournament
Organising a Football Tournament

Whether for amateurs or semi-professionals, for cadets or veterans, for a few teams or more, organising a good football tournament is not an easy task. That’s why we wanted to give you some useful tips to help you when you are organising one. Where and when to organise a football tournament The first two basic […]

how to organized an obstacle race
How to organise an Obstacle Course Race

There is no doubt that the popularity of obstacle course races is booming. For this reason, the number of these kinds of races is increasing. The creation of an obstacle course or OCR race is an ambitious project, as there are many factors into account. But it is so exciting! What type of audience am […]

How to organise a race

Maybe you have some experience and you are planning to organize a race in your town or city, college or university to make a profit or to raise funds for a charity or worthy cause. A race for fun or a competitive race for mixed abilities or for elite athletes.  A running or a cycling […]

Custom Medals for School Events
Custom Medals for Schools

With 2020 fast approaching now is the time to be planning and organising exciting sporting and other events for the New Year.  In this blog, we therefore wanted to highlight how useful Medals are for School events and the range of medal options that are available.   With personalised medals, they are also manufactured to […]

Six key steps to organising a cycling event

As athletes and lovers of our favourite sports, we often find ourselves wanting to take our involvement to the next level and give something back to our sport for all the joy that it has given us. The best cycling competitions and events nowadays are made possible by athletes and cycling clubs that decide to […]