Car Air Fresheners – the perfect promotional product!

Custom Car Air Fresheners are a simple, relatively inexpensive, promotional product that you can offer your customers.  Easy to store and hand out, distinctive and memorable.  Your customers will love them!

But why use Promotional Products

Customers like to feel special and valued and even a small inexpensive gift that isn’t expected can make a big impact.  Promotional gifts create that extra intimacy and build special, long-lasting relationships. They are a constant reminder of your brand and make sure your contact details are easily at hand; keeping your customers loyal to your brand and actively promoting regular repeat business or visits.

Why Use Custom Car Air Fresheners

Compared to some other promotional products, Car Air Fresheners are relatively inexpensive even when customised with your branding and contact details. They can easily be handed out or left in a vehicle, are very easy to store, and make a big impact on your senses!

You also want your promotional products to be constantly visible. Where better then than inside a vehicle which is regularly used by your customer!

We also often share our vehicle with friends, family, colleagues and customers.  With highly visible branding you are also reaching new potential customers and the fact it is hanging so prominently acts as a form of endorsement of your brand.

We also all have favourite scents and aromas.  Fragrances are therefore memorable and thought provoking further creating that ‘Feel Good’ factor when associated with your brand message.

When to Offer Customers Car Air Fresheners

Obviously, if you are in the motor trade, such as a car dealership, car wash or repair and maintain vehicles, then you may want to hang a Car Air Freshener in your customer’s vehicle when you return it to them.

However, there are many other uses for a broad mix of organisations.  Perhaps you offer airport parking or regularly attend trade shows and want to slot one inside your welcome pack.  You may be a Charity or Not-for-Profit organisation and want to raise awareness of a really important issue.

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