Colour Coded Classroom

Colour Coded Classroom

Often children’s different food requirements are difficult to keep track of. In extreme cases, this can be potentially dangerous in a primary school environment where a child may have an allergy or food requirement that they might not understand fully themselves.

Silicone Wristbands Direct could have a solution to this problem with the investment of colour coded wristbands. Whilst many of our customers use our wristbands for charity, colour-coded bands would put a fun and efficient system in place that could have a positive impact on schools and its pupils.

food allergies

How to use our wristbands

Each child would be allocated a different coloured wristband to signify which food options they are restricted to. If a child has more than one requirement then they would have to wear an additional band.

This would ensure that the kitchen staff are serving them the appropriate food. What’s more, it would make staff constantly aware of each individual pupil’s needs without having to filter through piles of paperwork which cannot possibly be referred to everyday when the lunchtime bell rings.

For example, a red wristband could represent a meat eater, blue a pescatarian, green a vegetarian,white could symbolise a child who has lactose intolerance and yellow could be the colour to indicate an allergy.

If a child had more specific requirements then this could be written on the band, such as ‘gluten-free’ or ‘shellfish allergy’, or any other text that may be required.

To make this a more efficient system, colours may also be allocated to the different dishes available in the dinner hall so that the child can see the colour on their wrist and choose an option that matches their band.


Alternatively, if the monitoring of food requirements isn’t an issue, then our coloured bands could be used for individual school houses. This could be useful for everyday team activities within both primary and secondary schools or events such as sports days.

Our wristbands have many customisable options to choose from through our site’s Band builder where you can choose your colour, size, style, text and more! Information on prices can be found on our website or if you have any queries about our products feel free to contact Silicone Wristbands Direct at 01524 848382.

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