Lanyards for Festivals and Concerts

Lanyards & Festivals: How To Make The Most Of Lanyards During This Festival Season

The 2019 festival season is right around the corner. We are looking forward to many brilliant summer festivals with great music and amazing memories to be had, especially with the hot weather forecasts for this summer!

At Silicone Wristbands Direct, we are looking forward to busy couple of months helping our wonderful customers with creating their perfect customised lanyards for their festivals and events. We believe that lanyards are an important part of all festivals for their functionality and versatility.

Represent your brand

Thanks to their highly customisable nature, lanyards help you easily identify those who are wearing your branded lanyards. During the event they are a very well welcomed accessory by your guests, because of their functionality and easiness to wear.

Furthermore, after the event, lanyards are often kept by the attendees which helps your brand to remain in the spotlight for the coming months.

Recognise your personnel with customised lanyards

If you are one of the people responsible with organising a festival, you definitively realise the amount of personnel involved in the event. Your staff will include the production team, organisers and the security, just to name a few. It is a good idea to recognise them by providing them with distinctive identification lanyards and ID badges to set them apart from the crowd and give them that extra authority during the event.

Recognise your High-Profile Guests  

Your High-Profile quests will also require some extra recognition, as they will expect special treatment from your staff and access to certain areas which are otherwise prohibited to standard festival attendees.  To allow for this you can issue them with special lanyards and passes.

Choosing custom lanyards as a part of your next event will be definitively result in variety of benefits, and will improve the reputation of your festivals.

If you are looking for more information on personalised lanyards or would like to place an order for your next event, or to promote your company, please contact us here at Silicone Wristbands Direct. We provide free artwork, no set-up fees and have a large range of lanyards to suit all needs.

Our reliability is built on expertise. We treat all our customers with the outmost respect, no matter if you order 100 or 10,000 lanyards – we have you covered.

Contact us on 01524 848382 or contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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