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Personalised Car Air Fresheners for your Car Valeting Customers

In this blog we explore why bespoke Car Air Fresheners are a perfect promotional give-away for those that valet cars for their customers. Spring and Summer are obviously peak season so now is the time for car valeters to win the hearts and minds of their customers so as to keep them coming back year after year.

How can personalised Car Air Fresheners help grow your Car Valeting business?

Let’s ask an important question.  What keeps your customers coming back time and again? The answer, of course, is excellent customer service. A spotless vehicle alone may not be enough to get them knocking on your door a second or third time.

However, as all well-respected car valeters know, it is all about the detail. That all-important attention to detail that demonstrates you care, that you know your trade and that you do not cut corners.

This is the same for Customer Service generally. Customers like to feel special and appreciated and that you are happy to go that extra mile to ensure their vehicle (their pride and joy!) has been well treated and looked after.

So, this is where your bespoke Car Air Freshener comes into its own. It says you care and that you would not accept a spotlessly clean vehicle that still smells stale or dirty inside! Add a simple Car Air Freshener and boom it smells like a new car. Your customer will love you as it saves them having to buy that experience themselves from a shop or filling station.

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Is it just about Customer Service?

Well, there is obviously no substitute for excellent customer service if you want to succeed in business. If you are not investing in great customer service then your competitors definitely will be! Great businesses put customers at the heart of their business, just like we do at Car Air Fresheners Direct of course.

By using personalised Car Air Fresheners that include your logo and contact details this simple, relatively inexpensive giveaway, also works as a constant reminder of the great service you offer. It also makes life very simple for your customer to contact you the next time they need a clean up as your details are right there in front of them. What could be simpler!

Are bespoke Car Air Fresheners easy to order?

Yes, you will be happy to know!  We know that running your own business is hard work and you will have very little free time. Juggling customer expectations and short deadlines, bookkeeping and trying to keep HMRC happy, managing your staff and of course the usual bureaucracy and red tape. The list is endless.

This is why we guarantee to make the process as simple as possible.  Saving you time and money.

You can just give us a call and we will talk you through every step and help you gather together and provide the information we need. We have an expert team at the end of the phone very keen to help with your design. However, if you like to do everything electronically then you can order online. You can also Request a Quote via our website.

We have three high-quality options – economy, premium and luxury. So something suitable depending on the needs of your customers and their budget! There is also no set-up or design costs at Custom Car Air Fresheners. So when we give you a price then you know that is everything you need to pay. Clear, transparent, no-nonsense.

Remember, unit costs drop with volume

We know that many of our Car Valeting customers give away a great many Car Air Fresheners over the course of a year. It is therefore important to highlight that the unit price you pay for our Car Air Fresheners drops substantially with increased order quantities.  This is the same with all printed promotional goods.

So to offer the greatest value to our customers we do offer wholesale and bulk order prices that may not be reflected on our website. So if you want to order 5,000 to 100,000 Car Air Fresheners just give us a ring to discuss the competitive terms we can offer.

Need further help?

If you would like to find out more about how personalised Car Air Fresheners can boost your car valeting sales, you can contact us or call us on 01524 848382.

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