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Personalised Fabric Wristbands for Festivals, Events & Fundraising

In this blog, we explore how personalised Fabric Wristbands can help you manage security and access to your events and create free publicity for your organisation or business. A cost-effective promotional product, memorable, comfortable, simple to wear and available with security clips if desired.

Personalised Silicone Wristbands

Using Personalised Fabric Wristbands

Fabric Wristbands are perfect for festivals and other events, as well as supporting campaigns and fundraising. Personalised with your organisation details, logo or important message they are a relatively inexpensive way of engaging customers and visitors and promoting your brand or campaign.

Increasingly, though, event organisers are concerned with security.  For large events, it is not easy to check tickets once visitors are inside.  This is where Fabric Wristbands are especially useful. As the wristband is easily identifiable, spotting those that have no wristbands, and should not be there, is that much simpler.  There is always someone that wants to gatecrash!

For added security, they can also be supplied with a security fastener so they can only be removed by cutting off the Wristband with scissors.  Alternatively, they have a toggle that holds the Wristband securely around the wrist but can be removed by the wearer if they feel the need.

Users love Personalised Fabric Wristbands

With soft fabric, they are far more comfortable for the wearer than a Tyvek wristband.  

More importantly, they are colourful and eye-catching and often worn with a sense of pride or a badge of honour (I was there!). Frequently kept by the event goer as a souvenir, your brand message can last well past the event itself and act as a constant reminder of the positive experience or service you offered. As festival season is in full swing you will see many wrists covered in wristbands worn as souvenirs.

Perhaps you could offer a discount to those that have retained the previous design?  Certainly a great way of keeping your branding alive for longer and a real driver of repeat business and loyalty towards your event or campaign.

This applies equally to campaigns and fundraising.  People become passionate about the causes they support and will willingly wear a Fabric Wristband with pride to demonstrate their support; helping to spread your important message far and wide!

What design options do I have for Fabric Wristbands?

We have had designs from the wonderful to the downright wacky.  Normally, though, simple designs are the most effective. For an event, display the event name, date and logo.  Perhaps with a colour theme that is unique to the year of the event for that want to keep them as a souvenir. With branding, you would normally want to keep the design consistent with other marketing material or signage. The same logo and font, say.

For campaigners and fundraisers, you want the key message to be short and punchy so that a larger, easily visible font size can be used.

Finally, keep it visual.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  With sublimated wristbands especially, which have very high-quality print, there are no limits to the colours and patterns that can be used.  So get creative!

Remember, our expert design team are always here to help and we do not charge extra for the design and set up work.

Types of Fabric Wristbands?

We specialise in two types of Fabric Wristbands.  Sublimated and Woven. Both are high-quality, longer lasting and great value.  

Sublimated Fabric Wristbands offer the highest quality of print and are perfect for photographs and radiant colours. The printing process of sublimation uses a heat transfer technique ensuring that the design is fixed permanently within the fabric and won’t rub off with friction.

Sublimated Fabric WristbandWoven Fabric Wristbands are usually decorated with unilateral embroidery (embroidery effect) which lifts the text and pattern, creating a distinct, high-quality, finish. Choose up to 3 colours in any combination and Fabric Wristbands work especially well with logos with metallic colours (e.g. silver, gold, etc.).


How long will the Fabric Wristbands take to arrive?

A good question, as we always recommend that if you have an important deadline you don’t leave it to the last minute.

From the date the design proof is approved and the Wristbands go into our production process, they are usually delivered within 10-12 working days.  However, from order date, additional time needs to be allowed for creating the design and checking that you are happy with it. If there are tweaks and amendments needed to the design then this can easily add on a couple of extra days.

How is the Fabric Wristband price made up?

Another good question! Unlike many of our competitors, we have very simple, transparent, pricing.  We do not charge extra for design, set-up or import duties. You can rest easy that the price we quote is the price you pay.  There will never be any hidden costs.

As with all printed products, the price also falls the higher the volume of the order because of the way the production process works. Although we work very hard to keep all our prices very competitive, you will expect to pay more per wristband if you are ordering in very small volumes.  This is why we have a minimum order quantity of 100 Wristbands.

So if you are organising a very large event and need many thousands of Wristbands, it would be worth you calling our team on 01524 848382 or contact us for a competitive quote.

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Try Our Fabric Wristbands Designer Tool

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