Pride Wristbands to promote love in sports

Summer is just arround the corner. People are already celebrating the right to love without the need to use labels. June is also known as pride month. For this reason, from Web Products Direct we want to join the celebration of colour and LGTBIQ+ pride with personalised lgtb wristbands and share with you about the awareness campaign of a sports club that trusted us to create their personalised silicone wristbands.

Support for the LGTBIQ+ community has never been as high as it is today. In addition to the social movement, many companies, organisations and sports clubs are more united than ever to the cause and want to do their bit to make this cause visible. Many do not know where to start and for this reason, from Web Products Direct we want to share the case of a rugby club that trusted us to create their lgtbi wristbands to celebrate pride in the sport.

Pride month wristbands in sports

Garstang Rugby Club is a rugby club in Lancashire, UK. This sports club wanted to have a detail with its team and its followers by designing personalised pride month wristbands. In this way they wanted to achieve social awareness with a small gesture.

When the club members saw these bracelets with such an eye catching design, they all showed great interest in joining and demonstrating their support for the LGTBI cause.

As Andy Riley, Chairman of Garstang Rugby Club said:

We did not expect the support to be so high. When we designed the personalised pride wristbands, the entire team and our fans wanted to be part of this campaign towards the LGTBIQ+ community.

Andy Riley, Chairman

As a result, the Garstang Rugby Club Pride Wristbands campaign shows that love has no barriers, even in sports.

Rainbow Lanyards to celebrate pride in your company

In addition to the wristbands, from Web Products Direct we can also provide personalised rainbow lanyards. These are a good way to support the cause in retail shops or hospitals. Today it is easy to find large stores that use lanyards with promotional messages. What better than to create your design and support this cause.

Best of all, the rainbow coloured lanyard is just the beginning. You can take advantage to personalise the strip with a message of support. All lanyards can be printed on both sides with texts or logos along the entire strip. They can be fully customised for your promotional or support campaign.

To go a step further in personalisation, in addition to the text and logos, you can choose between different types of attachments as well as id holders for the access card or the employee’s id. You can even lower costs by buying it in bulk.

Pride wristbands or rainbow lanyards are a good way to show that your sports team or company is in line with social tolerance. Not only this, with a little effort you can even spread the message nationwide. You will find that your members will wear it with pride.

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