The magical point of difference. Brilliant ideas to stand out from the crowd

In this post, we will discuss ways in which our clients have successfully used our products to create a brilliant point of difference to their competitors. How they have managed to stand out from the crowd and showcase their brand, products and service and win the heartrys and minds of their patients.

Customised Umbrellas for soggy weather

We recently created some eye-catching branded umbrellas for our client to loan out to their patients when they are walking around town in the rain! What an amazing sight it is on a rainy day to have the town awash with our client’s branded umbrellas. And what a benefit to their patients to be able to stay dry!

They have created such a rapport with their patients, that some even pop in without appointments just to borrow an umbrella. Many times those same patients end up having their eye caught by a new pair of specs or remember that they could do with some more contacts lenses. Creating additional income for our client that they didn’t expect and all because of wet weather, an umbrella and excellent customer service!

Personalised Trolley Tokens a big help at the Supermarket

Another fantastic idea is our new bespoke trolley tokens personalised with your logo and branding. A small, inexpensive, incredibly popular giveaway. Patients love them because they are so convenient and useful. You will love them because they are a simple way of showcasing your brand and impressing your patients with the quality of your service!

A gift you aren’t expecting is always the best kind of gift, so wow your patients with this simple giveaway that they will never expect!

Supporting independents and your local community

Buy independent and support other independents! Find ways to work and support other local businesses in your area, and they, in turn, will support you. Th perfect way to support our local high streets and show our patients that we care about our community.

One of our clients is situated next door to a local restaurant although after 12 months they had never really interacted with their neighbour. However, we suggested a way that both businesses could work together to improve their client numbers and retention. We suggested offering a discounted eye test for anyone who has had lunch or dinner at the restaurant and, in return, anyone who had their eyes tested got a 20% discount at the restaurant.

We then produced some fantastic discount cards and leaflets to promote the new partnership and both businesses couldn’t believe what a success this proved to be! Walk-ins and appointment bookings improved dramatically…and our client even got a free lunch!

So the moral of this story is?

Trust in Optical Print Direct to deliver amazing personalised promotional and branded products as well as inspirational ideas on how to use them! It helps to get an outside perspective on ways to improve branding or increase your patient base, especially from those with extensive knowledge and experience of your industry and customers. 

So, why not call our expert team today on 01524 848382 or email us at for creative ideas and a very competitive quote!

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