The Most Innovative Wristband Designs of The Future (Part One)

It’s called Vive, and it’s simple! It’s a wristband, and it’s designed to track your hydration and alcohol levels when you’re out partying, or when you’re out and about in general.

It periodically vibrates, and if you’re still conscious and having fun – you squeeze it! If you don’t squeeze it to say you’re A-okay, it’ll communicate with your other wristband friends and let them know they need to come find you. Simple, eh? There’s more…

The non-working prototype was crafted by design and user experience students from the University of Washington, and was first presented at the annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit Design Expo 2014.

The Vive Concept

The Vive concept is comprised of a band, fixed with a transdermal alcohol sensor – when measures BAC levels through skin, dehydration monitor and a gyroscope and accelerometer to sense unusual changes in motion.

The band won ‘Best Product Concept’ at the Expo, focusing on the team’s original design aim of prohibiting potential danger in alcohol-influenced situations, keeping people safe without causing attention or affecting an individual’s enjoyment.

Another interesting design feat of this wristband is that they aim it to be made compatible with social media; linking friends and others in the group. This feature is designed to make contacting one another an easy and stress-free task, as well as providing all members of the group with easy accessible information regarding one another’s alcohol levels, safety and location.

However, alongside the safety element of the Vive wristband, the social media feat is also an interesting way to get younger people to engage with the product. Connect your vive wristband to your smart phone, and you can make connections with people you meet as easily as tapping your wristband!

The design aesthetic has been kept pretty simple, providing a safe and easy-to-wear accessory for all fashion-focused individuals. It’s currently only at prototype level, although it’s feasible to produce – all the technology exists; including the accelerometer to track movements, Bluetooth to communicate between wristbands and sensors for hydration and alcohol levels.

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