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5 Marketing Tips For New Year Success!

When it comes to marketing your brand to success, whatever time of year; you need to start early, and you need a good plan!

Whatever your industry, here at Silicone Wristbands Direct – we understand the importance of strategic marketing, and offer unique wristband options to enhance your campaign, whatever the cause.

So, if you’re currently planning your New Year marketing campaign, here are the top 5 things to keep in mind, making sure you promote your brand to 2015 success!

Establish goals

When it comes to business, goals should always be set in terms of what you aim to accomplish, and should always be measured alongside realistic timelines and deadlines. Create small goals to achieve throughout the year, by particular months; giving your employees something to aim towards, and providing you with an idea of how likely your original goals are in relation to time.

Create a calendar of events

Organise time in your marketing efforts is essential, as a marketing tip, so create a calendar early to highlight key development phases, landmarks and other essential dates. Always plan ahead, allowing dates and schedules to be easily edited if needing to be changed, and always allow more time than you originally think necessary.

Identify your market

Defining your audience is possibly the most important step of any marketing strategy, and can be crucial to its success or failure. Consider what your audience want, what they need and aim to put yourself in the mindset of your target consumer. Always do market research, and take the time to engage with your focused audience. These stages are key; and will assist you in identifying what type of campaign will work to suit you, and your consumer!

Spread the word

When it comes to marketing, try to utilise every appropriate means of marketing in order to reach a broad audience. Consider promotional gifts, social media platforms and of course, promotional items that’ll provide your customers with a gift they can keep, but one that communicates your message effectively!

As specialists of silicone and charity wristband options, we think silicone wristbands are a fantastic means to advertising your brand, and offer a cost-effective option which is perfect for those businesses just starting out!

Measure your results

After your new marketing campaign has been in place for a few months, whether monthly or quarterly; aim to measure your results and highlight what you have achieved so far, you can use this information as a marketing tip for the next year. How effective were your goals? And if something didn’t work, with regular result round-ups, you’ve got time to change it!

If you’re looking for a contemporary, innovative and 100% customisable marketing tool for your campaign, choose Silicone Wristbands Direct! Our friendly, helpful and professional team are always happy to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to contact us on 01524 848 382 today!

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