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Why Offline Marketing Strategies are Still Relevant in our Increasingly Online World

There’s no denying it: we live in a digital world. If you’re not online then you’re not on most peoples’ radar… and even if you are online, you have to move quickly if you want to keep their interest.

However, none of this means that there’s no space for good old conventional offline marketing anymore. Used correctly, some of the more traditional physical marketing strategies can become the perfect tools to work alongside your website and social media presence, actively boosting traffic and drive your customers online. Then, once you’ve wowed your clients with a great marketing, offline strategies can also be used to retain their interest.

Let us guide you through three situations in which offline marketing can help you build great business relationships:

The Chance Encounter

Customers are welcomed

When the playing field became digital, a lot of people felt that they were free to scrap their business cards and go paper free. After all, the reasoning goes, we talk to everybody over email or on the phone now… surely business cards should only be part of the kit if we’ve got a business meeting planned.

This is not a sensible move, as you never know when you might have a ‘meet-cute’ with the customer of your dreams – and when you do, you don’t want to be seen rooting through your bag for a pen to scrawl your website on. The business card is still an essential tool of the trade.

For a slightly more high-tech example of some offline marketing that can take advantage of the spontaneous encounter, consider placing QR codes in your shop windows or outside your premises: these will give people a reason to head online and check out your site in more detail, especially if you tempt them with goodies such as a discount to use once they get there!

Barcode Scan in More Creative Formats

The First Date

Of course, not every business relationship comes about by chance, and most of the time you’ll have to put a little more effort into sparking up that first interest from a client. A lot of people will tell you that leaflet marketing is dead, but we don’t believe that’s true – you just need to do it right. If you take some of the key factors which apply to creating content for the digital sphere and apply it to physical letterbox marketing then this can be a great way to notify people that you’re online.

The three things to remember are personalisation, creative content, and a call to action – all of which are things that you also need when creating great copy for your website or blog. The only difference is the format; if you can make people feel as though you are communicating with them directly, do so with a flourish, and give them a definite instruction at the end then you will get a great ROI.

Crucially, this can be a fantastic tool for getting your name out to a wider audience, and driving them towards the internet world… where, hopefully, you already have an incredible presence to share with them.

The Lasting Relationship

CoWorkers having Coffee to Keep a Lasting Relationship

Once you’ve got your clients on board you want to make sure that your engagement with them is a lasting one, so it pays to bring them into the fold and make them feel like they’re part of the gang. One great way to do this is with our high quality branded wristbands: if you go for a catchy or funny slogan then your consumers will be all too happy to wear them out and about, and when they do your brand name (and web address!) will be spread wherever they go – they’ll also feel more connected with you.

You can even hand out your company-branded silicone wristbands as free gifts, the perfect way to show your customers that you value them and want to reward their loyalty!  We offer personalised silicone wristbands for many different purposes, so whether you’re looking for a charity wristband or a company wristband, we’ll be able to fulfil your needs. If you have any questions then we’d love to hear from you, so contact us online or at 01524 848382 to find out more.

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