Choosing your Car Air Freshener Fragrance

Everyone likes their car to smell fresh and that is why Car Air Fresheners are so popular.  Relatively low cost, simple to use but make a huge impact. It is important though to pick the right Car Air Freshener Fragrance.

Unsurprisingly, our customers often ask us which are the most popular fragrances to choose for their Car Air Fresheners.  Given the huge range of fragrances we offer, we thought it would be helpful to highlight our bestsellers.

It is also important to think about who will use the Car Air Fresheners. If you were buying them for your own personal use you may have a favourite or want to try something a little exotic.  However, if like most of our customers, you are buying them as a promotional giveaway or to sell to raise money for a charity or good cause, then you need something that will have wider appeal.

bulk personalised car air freshener

Best selling Car Air Freshener Fragrances

Some people prefer exotic and powerful fragrances whilst others more neutral and natural scents.  It wouldn’t do if we were all the same!

Overall, though, our customers tend to pick the more neutral and natural fragrances and our best sellers include New Car, Green Tea and Mango & Peach.

Choosing popular fragrances means you can be confident they will be liked by the vast majority of people that receive them. However, you will see below that you can order multiple fragrances within the same order so you can be adventurous if you feel like trying something a little different!

What other Car Air Freshener Fragrance options are available?

We have specially selected the fragrances on our website that we know are tried and tested and very popular.  However, we have dozens more to choose from. In fact, something for everyone!

Other popular fragrances our customers ask for from time to time include Mint, Lemon, Forest Fruits and Vanilla. For those who like sweet scents, we often recommend Cherry, Strawberry or Bubble Gum (my personal favourite). If it is something more refreshing, then we tend to recommend Ocean scent or the Crispy Apple scent.

We also have specialist Perfume and Aftershave fragrances.  Try our One Dollar aftershave or Amour perfume fragrances for a real impact! 

What if I would like more than one Car Air Freshener Fragrance?

We always aim to please at Car Air Fresheners Direct! We can provide up to 3 fragrances for each order which means that you can get a variety of our best selling fragrances within the same order.

The only stipulation is that you need to order a minimum of 100 Car Air Fresheners for each fragrance.  It is not possible to offer different fragrances on smaller quantities because of the production process.

Can I create or use my own personalised Car Air Freshener Fragrance?

Yes! Some of our clients have developed their own unique fragrance to complement their Car Air Freshener design.  In fact, some have multiple fragrances!

Once we have created the artwork and it is approved ready for production, you would simply ship your fragrance oil to us and we make sure it is used in the production process.  What could be simpler!

If you would like to create your own fragrance and are not sure where to start then simply let our expert Customer Service team know and we will help you every step of the way.

Can I get a sample of the Car Air Freshener Fragrance?

Absolutely.  We realise that getting both the design and fragrance right is important.  Especially if you are buying in bulk. We have a good stock of samples for our regular fragrances but it may take a little longer to get a sample of some of those fragrances that are used less frequently.  However, we will always respond to any request for a sample as quickly as we possibly can.

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