marketing strategy for a car workshop
Garages and MOT Centres need a marketing strategy

Some people find it easy to be creative and imaginative with their marketing. Ideas just flow naturally. However, we are not all the same!¬† For some of us trying to work out how best to promote our product or service in a way that engages customers seems impossible! We also often find it far easier […]

cusrom car air fresheners
Offline Branding for Business

Nowadays, businesses are much more than the product or service they offer. It is not enough to simply sell a quality product to differentiate the organisation from the competition. It is also very important to differentiate in other key areas that influence buying behaviour. This is why successful brands have opted to enhance their presence […]

Easy to order our Customised Car Air Fresheners
Simple to Order Car Air Fresheners

We launched our new website back in January 2018 and we have had literally thousands of visitors since then which is amazing. We are grateful for every single visitor! However, we have realised that the process to order our customised Car Air Fresheners was not as simple as we would have liked. As we pride […]

Beat the Christmas Rush for your Personalised Car Air Fresheners

[vc_row thb_divider_position=”bottom”][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Christmas season is fast approaching for you and your customers, and it can be a highly stressful time. What, with all the rushing around, here, there, and everywhere, frantically crossing items off Christmas present lists, preparing for visitors and the Christmas dinner. Meanwhile, you are wondering what you can possibly do to stick […]

Car Valeting Services
Personalised Car Air Fresheners for your Car Valeting Customers

In this blog we explore why bespoke Car Air Fresheners are a perfect promotional give-away for those that valet cars for their customers. Spring and Summer are obviously peak season so now is the time for car valeters to win the hearts and minds of their customers so as to keep them coming back year […]

Not just any old Car Air Freshener!

At Car Air Fresheners Direct we do not just sell any old car air fresheners. ¬†Instead, we create customised and personalised car air fresheners for our customers. Using their branding and logo we create truly unique and distinctive car air fresheners that they can sell, distribute to generate donations or use as a promotional giveaway. […]

Personalised Car Air Fresheners for your Corporate Welcome Pack

In this blog, we explore why personalised Car Air Fresheners are an ideal addition to your Welcome Pack. Winning hearts and minds of your new and potential customers and demonstrating your commitment to quality, attention to detail and first class customer service. Why use Welcome Packs It is simple to provide all the information your […]

Choosing your Car Air Freshener Fragrance

Everyone likes their car to smell fresh and that is why Car Air Fresheners are so popular. ¬†Relatively low cost, simple to use but make a huge impact. It is important though to pick the right Car Air Freshener Fragrance. Unsurprisingly, our customers often ask us which are the most popular fragrances to choose for […]

Why use personalised Car Air Fresheners for your Hotel?

In this blog we explore why customised Car Air Fresheners are a great way for those operating hotels to promote their business. Your customer has enjoyed their stay, had great service, so why not remind them of that fact as they drive off with the fabulous scent of your branded Car Air Freshener! Why use […]

Car Air Fresheners from Car Air Fresheners Direct
The Importance of Wowing your customers to Drive Repeat Business

In this article we explore why creating the wow factor is important to help you grow your business by building customer relationships. Also, how promotional products, such as custom Car Air Fresheners, can help with the process of building customer relationships. Whether you offer Car Wash services, taxi services, Car Repairs or Airport and Valet […]